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--Master, stay with me--A sequel to the online game masterpiece "Grand Fantasia", where you can enjoy a funny story with the unique and cute spirit "Miguru" in a fantasy different world. It is a 3D MMORPG full of friendship. "Adventure in a fantasy world" The mysterious and fascinating continent of Aractica is sure to be a fun adventure with magnificent views of mountains, plains, rivers and lakes!Travel as a Miggle messenger, lead Miggles to fight enemies, explore the vast open world, and create special memories with your friends in Spfan. "With cute Miguru! Miguru is a mysterious creature peculiar to the continent of Aractica, and the messenger of Miguru is called the "master" and always stays with him.Contrary to its cute appearance, it is full of unique migures such as strangers, tsundere, and unique migures, which makes you feel attached to it. "Remembrance card, application of skills" Equip Miguru with a recollection card and use various skills such as damage skill, defense, and recovery skill to defeat the enemy! "Yumenoshima, your own life" Become the master of the island and manage and design the island as you wish!Send Miguru to collect and make equipment to create powerful equipment and gorgeous avatars with your own hands. "Fill the collection and coordinate the characters! There are many stories in the world of Aractica that adventurers can enjoy.You can fill your collection through systems such as battles, quests, books, and Miguru Island.As your character grows, you can get over 100 different avatars!Full text display
I want you to implement fishing because there are many fish in ingredients.Since it has the function of a vehicle, it would be fun if it could be a two-seater.It's a couple implementation, so I hope they add more elements that can be enjoyed by couples. ( 3) (22/8/17)
I often see reviews that people can't get together even though there are 3 people entering the dungeon, but I haven't experienced the phenomenon that people don't get together except at midnight.If you can't get together by all means, I'd like to ask you to help me with a secacha, I think that you will come if you chat.As for gacha, I have no complaints because I can draw both cards and avatars.If you complain, the island and the cat are too lazy.The elements of the island I thought it would be fun, but there are no interesting elements in particular.Cats are troublesome to feed and stroke.The rest is the marriage system!If you want to do it at your own pace, you should never get married.I got married because my strength increased, but many people think that they have a partner relationship = love love, and they are often ridiculed.Even in casual conversations with partners, it's easy to feel like they're flirting just because of a partner relationship.Since I am playing with my partner at the same time, I can clear the partner que immediately, but I think that it will be difficult for people who do not match the time to play. (★ 4) (22/6/1)
I have a request, but I want you to be able to freely make characters.It's painful that I can freely make cute clothes but I can't change my hairstyle and hair color.It's nice to have a quiz, but if you enter A or B one by one, you will lose time, so it's easier to get a selection button.After that, if you exceed level 60, it will be extremely difficult to raise the level.There are few daily routines to raise the level, and even if you cut down monsters, you will not get experience points or it will be too painful.If you improve it, it seems that you can continue the game, so thank you! (★ 3) (22/5/13)
It's been a while since I was addicted to the MMO of social games.I'm playing on the new server, the fifth server.The strength ranking is not displayed due to a bug, but I think it is a medium-high strength.Compared to other apps, I think it's quite easy to increase your strength without paying so much (for now). Basically, items to become stronger, such as gaining experience points and strengthening materials for equipment, are available in one day. The amount you can take is fixed, so if you do it every day, you will feel stronger.Perhaps because of a new server, on other servers, a new event starts, but only 5 servers are different events, and the thing that consumes diamonds (so-called stones) to get items is the crazy thing of last week. In comparison, it's fairly easy to get a strong one, but it's implemented soon, or the event starts late, and even if you replenish the event item, it doesn't count and it doesn't make sense.There is something I think ... He hasn't been so long since the game started, so I'm hoping for it to be 1 stars.I want you to give out a little more diamonds 💎 (★ 5) (4/4/22)
Overall interesting, but there are too many strengths and weaknesses depending on the profession.Since it is not adjusted, PVP is already depopulated and matching does not end.Anyway, the range of range attack is wide and it is so powerful that you cannot even escape.Even a ranker can duck a physics job. (★ 3) (22/5/7)
First of all, Gradeza is cute, the colors and hairstyles have decreased, but it will probably be implemented in the future!And in the dungeon, at first the number was small and there was nothing to do, but it has increased.Now there are lots of things to do with islands, migur (buddies), vehicles and upbringing!The content of the guild also gets darker as the level goes up.To be honest, it's not so when I think that it will be a smartphone game that emphasizes gacha.I'm addicted to my surroundings and I'm motivated to do it. (★ 5) (22/5/3)
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