【attention】Family Island / Let's go on a new adventure trip Sairy Island & Freeday Island Pink bag and special present [22/11/25]

【attention】A new icon ver of Puzzle & Dragons / "Girls Band / Ryuai Shoujo <RAS>" is now available.Toparit × [22/11/25]

【attention】Manga UP/[30 minutes until the start of the new series! ] "Teacher! We will destroy the world." Author: @ud [22/11/25]

【attention】Collect Legends/[Festival Medals 2022 and get luxury items at the exchange! ] open during the period [22/11/25]

【attention】Genshin/[Notice] Ver.3.3 "Rokudokoro Kaigo Shosho Kumu" special page has been released!Lightning [22/11/26]